10Bar SSHL to SSHL F/O Sync Cord


Sea & Sea/Oly F/O Sync Cord
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2m (6ft) fiber optic cable with an SSHL plug on either end. Great for using Sea & Sea or Olympus strobes with Fantasea, Olympus or Nauticam compact and mirrorless housings.

Strobe Connectors:

  • SSHL: 90 degree plug connector for Sea & Sea and Olympus Strobes
  • Large Threaded Cap: Screw on connector for Inon Strobes and the Ikelite Fiber Optic Adapter for DS Substrobes (p/n 4401)

Housing Connectors:

  • SSHL: 90 degree plug fits Olympus and Fantasea housings, and compact and mirrorless Nauticam housings. Also works on all Sea & Sea housings that can use a Fiber Optic sync cord.
  • Small Threaded Cap: Screw on connector for Nauticam DSLR housings and 10bar housings.
  • Velcro: Sticks to housing in front of flash when there is no provision for a different connection. Use on many older housings, plus Ikelite and Canon housings.



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